Top 5 Sustainable Restaurants

sustainable restaraunt

I love eating out just as much as the next person. But, to me the food is significantly better when I know it was sustainably sourced!

These restaurants have made an intentional choices in regards to waste reduction/recycling, and ensuring their ingredients are sustainably sourced. That’s something to celebrate!


Fido is a quirky, Nashville based coffeehouse and restaurant. Oddly enough, it was originally a pet store but they’ve stayed true to their roots by infusing personality in every detail (down to the dog-themed buzzers).

Most importantly, they support the local community and are transparent about how they’re food is produced, purchased and served. The coffee is organic (not to mention delicious) and they buy most of their ingredients directly from local, small-scale growers.


This Mediterranean cafe aims to produce fresh food for consumers through a produce-centered open kitchen. They promote a Mediterranean diet because it is based on the premise of finding sustainable living through food, the mind and the body.

They also partner with local organizations such as Cul2vate to leave a positive impact on the community.


This delicious burger joint prides themselves on their natural business model. Their sustainability efforts can be seen tangibly in every detail of their restaurants. The seats are made of recycled coca cola bottles, the wood panned walls are made from renewable timber and even the fans are eco-friendly!

Their certified angus beef is hormone-free, free-range, and humanely raised. And the chicken is sourced from springer mountain farms where they are committed to feeding their chickens a veggie diet and treating them as ethically as possible.


This fast casual Mexican grill is dedicated to cultivating a better world. They partner with farmers and ranchers who have the same values and aim to produce quality ingredients free of added preservatives and hormones.

Frothy Monkey

This spunky coffee house is my favorite study spot. It’s trendy, yet cozy and offers unique coffee flavors (try the turtle latte next time you’re nearby).

They focus on quality by making everything from scratch and emphasizing ethical business practices. They consistency offer fresh coffee and food by maintaining relationships with local farmers. This restaurant gets a 10/10 in my book.

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