Top 5 Sustainable Products

sustainable products

Throughout my journey of trying to live more sustainably I have tried to implement cleaner, more eco-friendly products into my daily routine. Throughout, this implementation I have found some favorites.. and some not-so favorites. But, today we’re just talking about my top 5 favorite sustainable products.

1. DIY Kitchen Cleaner

  • I use this as an alternative to harsh all-purpose cleaners. The only ingredients are:

Concentrated thieves

  • Which is a concentrated cleaner that is multifunctional. It is also found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria, which is important to consider given that flu season is upon us. Not to mention, the natural but potent scent. You can purchase thieves from young living!


  • This classic cleaning product has stuck around for years and years. It is both Remarkably inexpensive and multifunctional. USA Today found 28 uses for vinegar and I’m sure there’s 28 more. I just use a dash of this in my thieves cleaner and it does the trick!

Last step: Put it in a glass spray bottle and clean till’ your hearts content.

2) 100% Reusable Paper Towels

  • The U.S is considered the paper towel capital of the world, which also means we produce the most paper towel waste. The EPA estimated that the country produced 7.4 billion pounds of waste in 2015.
  • Ditch the “use-and-toss mentality”. Consider using these reusable cotton cloths instead. They’re more effective and have a better value in the long run. I would recommend purchasing a dark color, so they don’t get dingy!

3) Bar Soap

  • This may sound like a no-brainer but when you buy your dishwashing soap in a bar form you also ditch the plastic that the liquid dishwashing soap comes in.
  • Also consider getting bar soap as opposed to traditional liquid body wash. It has so many benefits. Some of which include:
    • Choosing the right bar for your skin type
    • Less ingredients, more transparent product than liquid soaps
    • No preservatives
    • Longer life span
    •  Travel friendly

4) Reusable Straws

  • This may be seen as cliché or overdone at this point. But my reusable straws are a staple in my daily life. They really come in handy and make a statement as well. Be sure to keep some in your car in case you get an impromptu coffee while you’re out and about.
  • They’re affordable and adorable. I would recommend getting a pack with varying sizes and widths so you can use them with any size or type of drink.

5) Solid Perfume

  • I have recently been obsessed with a solid perfume I purchased from Lush a few weeks ago. It smells natural but fragrant and has too many benefits to count. I recommend the coffee scented one, it’s perfect for fall and winter! Some benefits are listed below.
    • Less chemicals, always a plus!
    • Scent lasts longer and the product last longer as well
    • Portable and travel friendly
    • Come in recyclable container

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