Thrift Tips

As mentioned in my last post thrifting is a great way to combat the fast fashion industry. Not to mention the many other benefits such as:

  • It’s cheap! Especially if you go on a day everything is discounted. Do your research to get the best deals.
  • They have styles you wouldn’t normally consider!
  • There are ALWAYS diamonds in the rough. Keep searching, and don’t get discouraged.
  • It’s guilt-free shopping!
  • Oftentimes, thrift stores partner with local nonprofits to make a difference in the community. Not to mention, all of the jobs thrift stores provide to individuals in the community.
  • They have knickknacks galore! Looking for funky decor? Try the thrift store.
  • It’s a fun thing to do with friends!

Although there are many benefits to thrifting, many people remain hesitant for one reason or another. To help settle the unease I created a list of tips to get you jumpstarted on your thrifting adventures.

1.Make a list

Having a list will make you feel less overwhelmed and help give your excursion more direction. Use the notes app on your phone!

2. Take advantage of color coding

Thrift stores typically have all of their items sorted by color. If you know you love the color blue on you, start sorting there!

3. Look in all the sections

Don’t limit yourself to just the women’s section! The men’s section is notoriously great for big sweaters, flannels and t-shirts.

4. Be patient, don’t get discouraged

If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Also, if you find something you love don’t forget alterations are always an option. Personally, I love to crop sweaters myself if I think they’re too oversized on me.

5. Try it on

Once you try it on, you can begin to put a vision together of what you want the outfit to look like as a whole! And I can’t tell you the amount of times I tried on something that looked cute on the hanger, but not on me. You’ll never know until you try (it on)!

If you follow these tips I guarantee your thrift trip will be a success. Happy thrifting!

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