Can We Rewind Earth’s Clock?

“Be where your feet are” they say. “Bloom where you are planted” they say. But what if one day that’s not possible? Those cliches no longer exist, because the earth we know and love has been abused one too many times. 

The landfills have been filled, the oceans are barren, and there is quite literally no where to be planted. We have caused destruction beyond a measurable amount. There is no turning back the clock. You can’t take back all of trash you accumulated, the water you wasted, or all the times you believed this crisis was hopeless. 

It’s over. We won. Earth lost

This is a reality I hope to never see.

One where my kids or my kid’s kids can’t swim in the ocean, or see a glacier with their own two eyes.

It’s not too late.

We can’t rewind the clock but we can slow it down. 

Imagine what would happen if all 7 billion of us decided that our habits make a noticeable difference. If we felt empowered enough to make intentional and responsible decisions. Imagine. 

The food crisis is solved, air pollution has cleared, a better alternative to recycling has been implemented. Our kids and our kid’s kids undoubtedly have the opportunity to see the world just as we’ve seen it.

And, we have finally fought the hard battle of becoming unified enough to make the difference that is needed. 

Now this, this is the reality we can strive for with confidence and without hesitation.

Let’s celebrate; one change at a time. 

The background story you’ve been waiting for: 

Inspired by the time I got lost on a glacier in Iceland. Yes, you read that right. I got lost snowmobiling on a glacier this past summer.

It’s still surreal to me too. As I was stuck in a thick fog, surrounded by nothing but the color white I found myself asking “is this really my life?” I was staring off into seemingly nothing, and hope began to slowly dwindle.

But, hindsight is 20/20 and I can confidently say that I’m grateful for the experience, as terrifying as it was. And it got me to thinking… a lot of people probably won’t have the opportunity to see the very glacier I got lost on. It is projected to melt within 100 years. Gone, vanished into the vast open sea. 

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears the helpless glacier fall. Or rather, violently crash into the ocean. With each crackle I could feel a sense of human control lost. What have we done? I asked myself. Is there any going back? Is this fixable?

If there’s anything I can do about it I will. I won’t stand to see another glacier vanish or another person helplessly confess that they feel like they can’t make a difference. I won’t, simple as that. That’s why I’m really here, truth be told. 

There are many reasons to live a more sustainable life, and this is my raw, unfiltered one. 

What’s yours? 

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